Digital booster


Alternative, replacement:
- Digital booster II. (TM-26782)

  • Developed for DCC systems
  • Short-circuit protected output with 4A limit
  • Switching mode – high efficiency
  • No heat sink required
  • Comprehensive DCC CV programming
  • Track voltage regulation
  • Control from rail signal and LocoNet
  • Remote switching on/off as device decoder
  • Status feedback to the LocoNet
  • Acoustic warning of short-circuit
  • Delayed switch-on
  • Automatic restart possibility after short-circuit
  • Automatic reversal of polarization (loop reversing method)
  • Easily portable compact design

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 12-18V AC/DC
  • Maxmimum output load: 4A
  • Dimensions: 170 × 70 × 27 mm


Short description

Digital booster, with 3A output. The several inputs can receive the XpressNet socket(Roco, Lenz), Lenz 3-pole socket, LocoNet socket, DCC Rail sync socket.
Automatic short circuit recovery, automatic turn-off on invalid DCC signal.

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