Module LocoNet connector+info panel


  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Designed for LocoNet system
  • Compatible with any rail protocol (DCC/MM/Selectrix/...)
  • FREMO friendly design
  • Screen printed metal front panel
  • Protected booster connector
  • User / emergency off button input
MSRP (price):

17.95 €

(incl. HU VAT)

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 7-24V AC/DC
  • Standby current consumption: 10mA
  • Dimensions: 74 × 47 × 15 mm
  • Connectors: 2 x front panel LocoNet throttle, 2 x rear LocoNet daisy chain, 1 x LocoNet booster, 1 x DC power, 1 x DC screw terminal, 1 x Emergency button terminal


Short description

On digital module layouts, the FRED connector is the first thing do you need.
The three control LED shows the state of your LocoNet bus (good voltage level, good railsync signal and the Track state (global power on / global power off)
The panel has an emergency button input, if you wire a button to this input, you can stop all of the layout with one touch if needed (LocoNet GPOFF command).
The module has separated booster out with railsync and external power connector for AC/DC adaptors for FREDs.


The module contains DC input connectors (screw terminals and DC power jack 5.5/2.1 standard adapter connector). The external 12V power supply connected to this terminals, and the 2pcs front panel LocoNet connector powered from this (not from the LocoNet RailSync signal). On the screw terminals the LocoNet ground is also can be found for "heavy ground / common wire" 0V wiring layouts. The module can be chained with the rear 2 LocoNet connector, and the side LN connector has a protection for boosters. Protect LN bus from booster failures or ground loop problems.
LEDs on front panel: "LocoNet" LED lights up when the LN communication line is OK (middle 2 wire in the cable). The "Sync" LED displays the right RailSync signal on LN cable, and the "Power" is on when the power is applied to front connectors.
The module has an external connector for user button. This button can be configured to for example "Emergency stop". When the pushbutton is pressed, the module sends GPOFF (Global Power OFF) command to the command station, and the command station turns off it's Rail Sync outputs.

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