Block occupancy feedback, 8 channel (LocoNet)


  • Designed for LocoNet system
  • Easy to use, fast programming button
  • Low voltage-drop detector inputs
  • Extremely low (2mA) current threshold for detecting
  • Opto-isolated detector inputs (galvanically separated)
  • Control from rail signal and LocoNet
  • Immediate LED feedback on each inputs
  • Delayed switch-on to prevent false report
  • Automatic power-on feedback report
  • High-efficiency internal switching power supply
  • Adjustable occupancy stretcher
  • No need of external power source
MSRP (price):

59.95 €

(incl. HU VAT)

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: LocoNet
  • Standby current consumption: 7 mA
  • Maximum rail current: 8 x 3A
  • Dimensions: 67 × 56 × 15 mm


Short description

Block occupancy detector and feedback module for LocoNet bus.
Independently programmable feedback address for 8 inputs.
A module send a broadcast "Feedback" message to the LocoNet.

Application examples

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