Servo controller and decoder


Alternative, replacement:
- Mini servo decoder (TM-73736)
- Servo decoder XL Pol (4 servo, polarized) (TM-73735)

  • Developed for DCC systems
  • Polarizing outputs (2 pcs)
  • End-position feedback contacts (2 pcs SPDT)
  • External control inputs
  • Independently controllable outputs
  • Quick programming possibility
  • Detailed DCC CV programming
  • Storage of the last output status
  • Can be supplied from rail signal or separate supply unit
  • Low idle mode current consumption

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 6-24V
  • Standby current consumption: 20 mA
  • Maximum current consuption: 40 mA + Servo (~ 250 mA)
  • Dimensions: 83 × 49 × 15 mm


Short description

Can control two RC servo. Module is equipped with two relays, which can polarize turnout frog, and switch any load at the two end position (one changing relay contact).
With the two external inputs, can be also controlled the servo moving.

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