Universal timer and delay


  • Continuously adjustable timing
  • Two-channel high current output
  • Applicable for delaying and pulse lengthening as well
  • Low idle mode current consumption
  • High load current
MSRP (price):

17.95 €

(incl. HU VAT)

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 12-16 V
  • Standby current consumption: 2 mA
  • Maximum current consuption: 2 x 0.8A
  • Dimensions: 51 × 33 × 15 mm


Short description

Ideal for timing and pulse enlarging. The delay and the pulse enlarge time can be adjusted via two trimmer potentiometer within wide range.
Module outputs can be drive any load up to 1A.
First stage (impulse stretching): 200 ms - 11 sec
Second stage (delayed on): 200 ms - 11 sec

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