LED dimmer for 12V LED strips (New)

The LED dimmer is suitable for standard 12V LED strips to change the brightness. The brightness of the LED strip can be adjusted continuously with the on-board potentiometer from 1% to 99%.
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Mini digital oscilloscope

New accessory!
Mini digital storage oscilloscope for easy booster output, LocoNet Pull-up and LocoNet Syncron check.
The oscilloscope can be used without any power restriction or grounding problem, thanks to it's built-in rechargable battery.
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After many customer request, we opened our factory direct order form! You can buy the newest and coolest products directly from our website on recommended retail price.

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Rail fixing plate (H0)

New accessory!
We give you a professional solution for proper track fixing at edge of your module layout! See more

New secrets - NaWi Digital Center

New secrets from digital center!

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NaWi Digital Center

We are bring the most exciting digital center to you!
The world of digital railroad control is easiest with NaWi digital center! Smartphones? No problem! Support all of digital standards? No problem! Heavy duty touch? No problem! Fast startup? No problem!
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Shuttle train controller

Now, we created a new module for analog system enthusiasts. The shuttle train is the most attractive automatism on analog systems.
With minimal external addition and easy installation!
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New video - Traffic light controller

New video created about traffic light controller operation. The video shows a delayed Car System stop magnet outputs operation and the process of flashing pedestrian crossing.

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Servo decoder XL and Automatic cutout

Two new products again, wihch makes the model railroading easier. The first module is a cost-effective solution for servo motor operated turnouts, and the second module is an easy solution for electrically isolated sections.
Servo decoder XL (4 servo)
Automatic cutout
The latter module is often used in larger module layout systems, when the booster (digital amplifier) primary function is the short circuit prevention and the secondary function is the current amplifying. As in our boosters this module is also have a light and sound signal which activated on short-circuit.

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